Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tips for Easy Entertaining

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This is a space where you can come to us for tips, advice, recommendations, and ideas. It's a sharing space, so please feel free to comment and ask questions in the comment section below. We thought it would be a good idea to start off with basic tips for entertaining. Please keep the following in mind as you plan your special get together.

1.    Keep it festive, simple and fun. That's the point, right? Everyone is there to enjoy themselves. Including YOU.

2.    Plan ahead and prep and set up as much as possible the night prior. There will always be enough to do on the day of your event.

3.    Use the very BEST of everything you own, including glassware, wedding china, and silverware. What are you waiting for? The occasion is special because YOU make it so.

4.   It is absolutely OK to mix and match. The result can be fabulous.

5.    Create a memorable experience. You want to look back and smile at the memories.

6.   Dress the table and layer it. Personalize it by creating a 'tablescape', using flowers, stones, candles, fruit, and/or ornaments.

7.    Create a theme/concept. Think of the occasion, such as a holiday, anniversary, or birthday, and build your theme around the occasion

8.   Add ambience with various candles of different sizes. Enough said.

9.   Sometimes, less is more. All you need are the most basic elements.  

10. Most importantly, celebrate the moment, not the mishaps.

Now go forth and be inspired, Chocolateers! 

Don't be shy. Share your experiences, please. Let us know how you applied these simple guidelines in the comments below. Don't forget to visit me on my website, too!

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