Monday, February 4, 2013

Ask Charlotte 3: Midwinter Makeover

Hello Chocolateers! 

This week, I’ll focus on a question I get often about making changes in d├ęcor at home without breaking the bank.

Dear Charlotte: We want to spruce up various rooms in our home but cannot afford a remodel, what can you recommend we do to give our home a facelift without the steep price tag of a remodel?- Hoping for Change

Dear Change, There are many ways to freshen up your home and stick to a very modest budget that’s nowhere near the price of a remodel. Here are a few tips:

Repaint your rooms Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to give your interior space a new look and feel. Choose a different color palette than you currently have. Another option is adding an accent wall with a deeper color.

Use accent pillows replace old throw pillows on your couch with new ones in a different shape, color, or texture. This will brighten up both the couch and the room. 

Change the furniture layout- another wonderful trick is to simply rearrange the furniture you already have in your home to shake things up a bit. Move your couch to another wall, angle it in a corner, or 'float' it in the center of the room.

Update the lighting- Adding a new floor lamp or side lamps will brighten any room. Adding dimmer switches to existing light fixtures or recessed lights also allows you to control the mood of a room. I also love candles and believe that you cannot have too many! Using a single color candle (white or creme, for example) throughout the space creates a unified look.

 Change the floor coverings- A new vibrant or monochromatic rug can liven up any space. There are so many rich textures and patterns to enhance your current furnishings and give them a new foundation. It is absolutely OK to layer a carpet with an area rug on top. 

Spice up the kitchen-changing the knobs on kitchen cabinet doors gives them an instant makeover. Also, adding a new light fixture in the kitchen can brighten the space. 

Hopefully, incorporating these easy tips will give your home a new look and feel, and inspire you to stay home and enjoy it!

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